I’m Crossing You in Style Someday

Part of me always hoped that, sometime before Andy Williams died, I’d get to see him in person. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d even go to Branson to do it. A much larger part of me knew it would never happen. And it didn’t.

Andy Williams

Andy Williams

Andy Williams’ was the music of my early adolescence or maybe late childhood. Even when John F. Kennedy was getting shot in Dallas and my nightmares were filled with mushroom clouds and fallout shelters, Andy Williams was the soothing presence at the center of the universe. Never hip but rarely corny, Williams was as calming as a cup of warm milk, but with just enough cocoa in it to keep it from being boring. He made me feel peaceful and a little happy. When his TV show went off the air I missed it, but I’d probably also stopped watching it by then.

You all know “Moon River,” the song that he made famous even though Audrey Hepburn sang it first. There was something haunting not only in Mancini & Mercer’s composition but in the heartfelt way that Williams sang it. I’m still not sure what that song was about, but its imagery was so deep and striking and the way Williams sang it so sincere that it never became elevator music. Neither did “Canadian Sunset,” which really should have been elevator music, yet still makes me feel warm when I hear it. Something in William’s voice (the multitracking doesn’t hurt) convinced me years ago that perfect love really did exist. And, not surprisingly, it would involve snow.

I’ve raved elsewhere about his Christmas music, so I won’t do that again, except to say that out of Sinatra, Crosby and Como, who made Christmas music superb, Williams somehow was the only one who could make it perfect.

Andy Williams died Tuesday at 84.

6 comments on “I’m Crossing You in Style Someday

  1. I was so sad to hear that Andy Williams died. I’ve loved him since I was little. I’m a Christmas enthusiast as well, and he and Johnny Mathis are the best at making Christmas come alive! I listen to Christmas music when it’s not Christmastime. I’ve never been around people who are not annoyed by my Christmas Spirit. Oh, well. I want to be an elf. May Mr. Williams rest in peace.

    • Hey, Jacquelyn! Believe me, your Christmas spirit would never annoy me, though I know that mine annoys more than a few people too. But we have a few kindred spirits out there. I’m gradually turning Amy, nice Jewish girl that she is, into a Christmas fan. She doesn’t even get annoyed anymore when the Christmas tree sheds needles on the floor (though she insists on referring to the pine needles as “leaves”). Someday I’ll have to link you to my Christmas videos from Disneyland.

      • Hey, Chris!

        I love your blog. I’m glad to hear that you’re turning Amy away. I love Hannukah as well (I’m not Jewish)! I would love to see those videos. I’ve never been to Disney Land or Disney World. I’ve always wanted to go, though.

  2. Jacquelyn, check out Chris Lampton’s channel on YouTube. It’s an eclectic mix of concert videos and Disneyland footage, but my most popular video by far is the Disneyland Christmas Fantasy Parade, which is closing in on 100,000 hits. Oddly, its most popular day was last July 4th, with over 600 hits on that one video alone. To paraphrase the musical Mame, I guess that’s when people need a little Christmas.

    • Hey, Chris!

      I definitely will check out your YouTube Chanel. I’m on there pretty much all day and night (whenever I’m awake, of course). And I ALWAYS need a little Christmas!!!

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