Chris Lampton is a writer, an occasional computer programmer and a fanatic video game player. In the course of his distinguished if haphazard career he has written more than 90 books, on subjects from astronomy to computers, including the 1993 computer book bestseller Flights of Fantasy (Waite Group Press) and 11 books in the Hardy Boys series under a pseudonym he is not allowed to mention. (See a complete list here.) He lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Amy and their two cats. He is also an information addict and, as much as he’ll try to make this blog about all kinds of information, from books to music to movies to TV, it will probably end up being about his own life too. He promises to keep this to a minimum.

His other blog, where he writes sometimes brief and sometimes ridiculously lengthy reviews of every book he manages to read from first page to last, is called 52Books52 (a title that was initially chosen in the naive belief that someone with his infantile attention span could manage to read a book every week).  He can be contacted on Twitter as @ChrisLampton and via email as clampton@sff.net. Unless he someday becomes so famous that he’ll need a publicity agent to handle his fan mail, he promises to respond personally to every piece of non-spam correspondence he receives.

Mr. Lampton is one of the founders of the e-book design firm Illuminated Pages.

2 comments on “About

  1. Hello Mr Lampton! I was thrilled to come across your blog. I just borrowed your book, Gardens of Imagination, from the library. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the disk… I’ve searched high and low for that disk. Is there anyway you could point me to a copy of the disk?

    • Hey, Terry! Unfortunately I don’t even have a copy of the disk myself. Or, rather, I have the 3.5-inch floppy that comes inside the cover, but I don’t have a drive that can read it. I can only recommend that you look for the files on Google, but I’ve tried that periodically and have yet to turn anything up. I hope you have better luck! (And let me know if you find anything.)

      If you just want to read the source code, all of it’s in the book. But I have no way of getting to the executable.

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