A List of Booklength and Web-based Publications by Christopher Lampton

Flights of Fantasy cover

Flights of Fantasy by Christopher Lampton



The Seeker (w/David Bischoff) – Laser Books
Cross of Empire – Laser Books
Gateway to Limbo – Doubleday
The Omen of the Flying Light (as Dayle Courtney) – Standard
The Tower of Flame (as Dayle Courtney) – Standard
The Olympic Plot (as Dayle Courtney) – Standard
Danger on the Air (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
The Dungeon of Doom (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
The Secret of the Island Treasure (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
Terminal Shock (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
Attack of the Video Villains (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
The Prime-Time Crime (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
The Secret of Sigma Seven (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
Rock & Roll Renegades (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
No Mercy (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
The Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster
End of the Trail (as Franklin W. Dixon) – Simon & Schuster

Black Holes & Other Secrets of the Universe – Franklin Watts
Meteorology: An Introduction – Franklin Watts
Planet Earth – Franklin Watts
The Sun – Franklin Watts
Fusion: The Eternal Flame – Franklin Watts
DNA and the Creation of New Life – Arco
Dinosaurs & the Age of Reptiles – Franklin Watts
Prehistoric Animals – Franklin Watts
Space Sciences – Franklin Watts
Programming in BASIC – Franklin Watts
Computer Languages – Franklin Watts
BASIC for Beginners – Franklin Watts
Pascal for Beginners – Franklin Watts
FORTRAN for Beginners – Franklin Watts
COBOL for Beginners – Franklin Watts
Advanced BASIC – Franklin Watts
Forth for Beginners – Franklin Watts
PILOT for Beginners – Franklin Watts
The Micro Dictionary – Franklin Watts
Z80 Assembly Language Programming – Franklin Watts
6502 Assembly Language Programming – Franklin Watts
Graphics &Animation on the Commodore 64 – Franklin Watts
Graphics & Animation on the Atari – Franklin Watts
Graphics & Animation on the TRS-80 – Franklin Watts
Graphics & Animation on the Apple – Franklin Watts
How to Create Computer Games – Franklin Watts
How to Create Adventure Games – Franklin Watts
Mass Extinctions: One Theory of Why the Dinosaurs Vanished – Franklin Watts
Astronomy: From Copernicus to the Space Telescope – Franklin Watts
Star Wars – Franklin Watts
The Space Telescope – Franklin Watts
CD ROMs – Franklin Watts
Rocketry: From Goddard to Space Travel – Franklin Watts
Undersea Archaeology – Franklin Watts
Endangered Species – Franklin Watts
Wernher von Braun – Franklin Watts
Thomas Alva Edison – Franklin Watts
Stars and Planets – Doubleday
Supernova – Franklin Watts
Superconductors – Enslow
New Theories on the Dinosaurs – Franklin Watts
New Theories on the Birth of the Universe – Franklin Watts
New Theories on the Origin of the Human Race – Franklin Watts
Predicting AIDS and Other Epidemics – Franklin Watts
Predicting Nuclear and Other Technological Disasters – Franklin Watts
Gene Technology: Confronting the Issues – Franklin Watts
Nintendo Action Games – Millbrook
Nintendo Role-Playing Games – Millbrook
Hurricane – Millbrook
Volcano – Millbrook
Forest Fire – Millbrook
Telecommunications: From Telegraphs to Modems – Franklin Watts
DNA Fingerprinting – Franklin Watts
Particle Physics: The New View of the Universe – Enslow
Sailboats, Flagpoles, Cranes: Simple Machines That Are Really Pulleys – Millbrook
Bathtubs, Slides, Roller Coaster Rails: Simple Machines That Are Really Inclined Planes – Millbrook
Marbles, Roller Skates, Doorknobs: Simple Machines That Are Really Wheels – Millbrook
Seesaws, Nutcrackers, Brooms: Simple Machines That Are Really Levers – Millbrook
Coral Reefs in Danger – Franklin Watts
Science of Chaos – Franklin Watts
Sound: More Than What You Hear – Enslow
Drought – Millbrook
Tidal Wave – Millbrook
Nuclear Accident – Millbrook
Oil Spill – Millbrook
Insect Attack – Millbrook
Flights of Fantasy: Programming 3D Video Games in C++ – Waite Group
Nanotechnology Playhouse: Building Machines from Atoms – Waite Group
Gardens of Imagination: Programming 3D Maze Games in C++ – Waite Group
Epidemic – Millbrook
Blizzard – Millbrook
Famine – Millbrook
Chemical Accident – Millbrook
Sharks, Rays, & Eels – Golden Books
The World Wide Web – Franklin Watts
Home Page: An Introduction to Web Page Design – Franklin Watts

Six volumes of documentation for the programs Client Letter & ALGS – Top Down Systems


“How Electric Car Batteries Work,” HowStuffWorks
“What Are the Benefits of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles?”, HowStuffWorks
“What Are the Dangers of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles?”, HowStuffWorks
“Are Electric-Powered Vehicles Better for the Environment?”, HowStuffWorks
“How NASCAR Testing Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Air Car Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Horse Trailer Accessories Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Loading Ramps Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Towing Racecars Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Towing Monitoring Systems Work,” HowStuffWorks,
“How Utility Trailer Accessories Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Axle Spring Seats Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Brake Calipers Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Regenerative Braking Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How to Install New Entertainment Electronics in Your Car,” HowStuffWorks
“Top 5 Car GPS Devices,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Ego Flash Works,” HowStuffWorks,
“How the Venturi Fetish Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Hearses Work,” HowStuffWorks
“Is Premium Gas Really Better for Luxury Cars?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Hydrogen Cars Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Exhaust Heat Recovery and Recirculation Works,” HowStuffWorks
“What is the History of Hybrid Cars?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Retractable Hardtops Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Electronic Brake Force Distribution Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Hill Start Control Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Do Dirt, Dust and Debris Affect Trucks?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Automotive Metal Forming Works,” HowStuffWorks
“What Are Fit and Finish and Why Do They Matter?”, HowStuffWorks
“Tips for Avoiding ATM Fees,” HowStuffWorks
“What’s the Fastest Car in the World?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Electric Car Charging Networks Work,” HowStuffWorks
“Top 10 Car Myths,” HowStuffWorks
“How to Charge a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle,” HowStuffWorks
“2 Material Moving Construction Careers,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Theatre Development Fund Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How to Get Show Tickets When Traveling,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Tips for Avoiding Illness While Traveling,” The Learning Channel Web site
“Top 5 Ways to Get a Good Deal on a Car,” HowStuffWorks
“How Long Does a Clutch Last?, HowStuffWorks
“Pre-heating and Cooling Electric Vehicles,” Planet Green
“Will Electric Cars Require More Maintenance?”, Planet Green
“Are Electric Cars Safe in Accidents?”, Planet Green
“How Does Your Transmission Affect MPG?”, HowStuffWorks
“Top 5 New Car Key Technologies,” HowStuffWorks
“How Do Automakers Use Independent Research?”, HowStuffWorks
“5 Technologies That Could Replace the Internal Combustion Engine,” HowStuffWorks
“Can a Hybrid Car Achieve 50 MPG?”, HowStuffWorks
“Top 10 Leonardo da Vinci Inventions,” HowStuffWorks
“Quick Facts: Eco-Friendly Car Interiors,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Ferrari FF Works,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Unusual Auto Races,” HowStuffWorks
“How Automotive Proving Grounds Work,” HowStuffWorks
“Top 10 Cult Classic TV Shows,” HowStuffWorks
“How Automatic Transmissions Work (revision),” HowStuffWorks
“How Hydraulic Machines Work (revision),” HowStuffWorks
“How to Repair a Toilet (revision),” HowStuffWorks
“What Do Oil Additives Do For Your Engine?”, HowStuffWorks
“How To Find Engine Oil Capacities,” HowStuffWorks
“How You Should Decide Between Taking a Train and Taking a Road Trip,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Exciting Crossover Vehicle Concepts,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Great Elephant of Nantes Works,” HowStuffWorks
“iPad vs. Android Tablets,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Audi Urban Concept Will Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Air-Conditioned Seats Work,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Useful Voice-activated Commands for your Car,” HowStuffWorks
“Top 10 Transportation Pollution Solutions,” HowStuffWorks
“How the V8 Supercars Championship Series Works,” HowStuffWorks
“Could Shape Memory Alloys Harness Heat Energy from Cars?”, HowStuffWorks
“Top 10 iPhone Apps for your Car,” HowStuffWorks
“How Much Does It Cost to Build a Concept Car?”, HowStuffWorks
“What Keeps Concept Cars from Making It to Market?”, HowStuffWorks
“Why Does the NTSB Want to Ban Cell Phones in Cars?”, HowStuffWorks
“The 10 Best Concept Cars of 2011,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Benefits of Beltless Engines,” HowStuffWorks
“How Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) Engines Work,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Rain,” HowStuffWorks
“How Whiplash-Injury-Lessening Seats Work,” HowStuffWorks
“How Are Cars Making the Blind Spot Less Dangerous?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Does the Intake Manifold Affect Your Engine?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Does a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System Work?”, HowStuffWorks
“How the Solowheel Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How to Read the New Fuel Economy and Environment Labels,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Amazing Rainforest Canopy Adventures,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Tips to Keep Ants Away from Pets,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Critters to Keep Away from While Camping in the Desert,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Ways to Adjust to Dorm Life,” HowStuffWorks
“5 Common Baseball Injuries,” HowStuffWorks
“How the Biofuel Tax Credit Works,” HowStuffWorks
“Flexible Fuel Technology Motorcycles,” HowStuffWorks
“Why Are Unlocked Phones More Expensive Than Locked Ones?”, HowStuffWorks
“How the 2013 SRT Viper Works,” HowStuffWorks
“How Lemon Laws Work,” HowStuffWorks
“Is ‘New Car Smell’ Toxic?”, HowStuffWorks
“How Do You Stop an Out-of-Control Car?”, HowStuffWorks

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